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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) - The Life:

"PTSD is not an "emotional" or "psychological" disorder, but a physiological condition that affects the entire body, including cardiovascular functioning, hormone system balance, and immune functioning. PTSD can result in physical, cognitive, psychological, emotional, and behavioral reactions that all have a physiological basis." - Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior ~ Charles W. Hoge, MD.
Sometimes we hide things ... or we can't talk about it, because no-one understands. The sharpened body and mind, designed by very natural, but stressful and dangerous conditions are one of those 'things.'
Growing up in dangerous conditions, surrounded by dangerous animals ... and humans. The constant alert, the ever presence of weapons ... sleeping light, listening to the slightest changes in the sounds of Nature. Managing a dangerous job in the forces ... going to war - all these can sharpen the body and mind ... forever.
This 'alertness' and constant 'readiness' never leaves you ... ever. You now walk around with something the 'others' don't have and can't ever understand. They don't like the directness in your eyes or manner, the way you carry or express yourself ... because they've never been where you were, they have not seen what you've seen ... and they don't live with it.
I've always maintained, that it is a 'normal' condition ... now seen as a disease amongst the overly domesticated. I've always known that this is a physical condition ... not a psychological condition. Therefore, I ... like so many others refused treatment that will deaden your body and mind ... killing the sharpness slowly through chemical poisoning.
Many of us self-medicate, can't fit into domesticated life ... prefer the bush and Solitude. There is a way ... a way to continue the sharpness of body and mind. It is not easy, it is the Way of the Warrior. There are many, many of us ... apparently not wanted or needed in the modern domesticated life. Used to fix what others can't fix ... trained to do the impossible ... then left and treated like stray dogs.
The treatment of these warriors by society is a disgrace ... the loss of skills, knowledge and wisdom, a loss to society.
I seriously recommend the book: Once a Warrior - Always a Warrior ~ Charles W. Hoge, MD..

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