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Friday, August 7, 2015

PTSD ... and Horses ...

Although there is still a huge emphasis on the 'psychology' of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), we now know that it has a physiological origin ... and should be approached accordingly.

My take ... PTSD is much related to the conditioning of the limbic part of the brain.  The part of the brain that takes over in fight or flight situations ... the part of the brain that is conditioned during the training of soldiers, or people that 'live on the edge.'  This is also the very active part of the brain in horses ... incredible flight animals.

One of the reasons both horse and man fall into the PTSD trap has much to do with a lack of communication, trust and respect in the 'modern' world.  In a herd situation ... or soldiers operating in a close knit group ... communication, trust and respect is everything ... without it, there's nothing.  Once the limbic part of the brain has been conditioned, there's is no going back ... a  breakdown in communication, trust and respect creates confusion ... and fear ... the limbic system kicks in.  You take a horse out of a herd ... a soldier out of a unit and you chuck them amongst the pigeons in the domesticated world, where communication is mostly false, trust and respect things one write about or make monies about ... PTSD is then a word for 'normal' in a 'abnormal' situation.

There is a program in the USA where veterans with PTSD are 'treated' with horses with PTSD.  Because both once understood the true nature and importance of communication, trust and respect ... because both once walked the 'edge of life,' relying on the limbic reactions for survival - everything starts to fall into place.  A most wonderful thing ...

Doesn't matter what you do and what type of relationship you're involved in ... or if you live in your own company.  If there is the slightest breakdown in communication, trust or respect ... there is little hope.  Today in modern life we take these three important 'values' for granted ... our limbic systems are dead as the dodo.  The few warriors or horses ... wild in nature amongst us, are not understood.  What once was normal has become abnormal ...

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