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Sunday, May 24, 2015

About Hunting (2): The Heart of the Hunter ...

For nearly 2 million years, man was part of Nature, the ecosystem and the food chain.  Around 8 000 years ago, everything changed ... man made a 'jump' from hunter-gatherer to agriculturist.  The whole concept of hunting changed.

 I believe that modern man can still respect Nature and it is essential for modern man to be part of Nature.  I also believe that modern man can still hunt with the Heart of the Hunter from old ... because this is who you really are.  You still share the same genetic material with your hunter-gatherer ancestors ... no excuse.

I also believe that the rise of the anti-hunting movement has some merit ... because the modern hunter acts very differently from his hunter-gatherer ancestors.  We all have our genetic make-up, we all have retained memories ... somehow deep inside we know right from wrong.  People react when they see things that feel and look wrong ... they want to do something, they don't always know what and how.  I believe parts of the modern hunting culture and parts of the agricultural culture are so wrong ... it triggers something within some and they do want to change things.  I hope to bring some understanding ...

Within Nature there is a cycle of Life and Death ... you either consume something or you're consumed ... whether you are Fauna or Flora.  There is a reason for this ... the 'push' for genetic magnificence!!  If you don't make it ... you are the very substance that feed something else in this beautiful cycle.  So, how can I explain this?

We all watch 'Nature' programs ... hopefully?  The Cheetah is an amazing animal, so fast and beautiful ... so is the Springbok, it's prey.  We kind of see the Cheetah as the dominant creature and the Springbok as the weaker species.  In fact ... both drive the genetic excellence and strength of each other.  How?  The Cheetah has speed and agility ... the Springbok has 'spring,' agility and numbers.  The Cheetah must stalk in close and start the chase ... if he/she can't get close enough ... stuffed.  If the agility of the Springbok outsmarts the Cheetah ... stuffed.  When the Springbok gets more alert and more agile ... and faster, the Cheetah starts to suffer ... the weaker ones simply don't make it.  Then!!! There's that one Cheetah that's super fast and agile ... makes it ... that one reproduce and the Springbok starts to suffer.  Until!!  That one super Springbok comes to life ... breeds and suddenly you have super Springbok.  See?  The strength of one species pushes the genes of the other ... a continuous cycle ... pushing and pushing ... for excellence!

Once ... and not that long ago ... man was part of all this ... part of all this.  What have we done ... what have we done?

Man is not fast ... he is not that agile.  But?  He has an amazing design ... pushed by the genetic strength of Nature.  He is the strongest persistence runner on this planet, especially in the heat.  Right from the design of your feet, the structure of your buttocks, the amount of hair on your body and your lungs ... you, yes YOU ... were designed to run?

Not to sit in a 4x4 and blast the hell out of these amazing animals with a cannon and a scope that can see the man on the moon ...

I want you to really think about this?  Where is the respect ... and the honour?  Think about this!

A fat 'bow hunter' in a hide shooting arrows at animals forced to drink out of a singular 'waterhole' sometimes made out of concrete ... logs placed so that they have to stretch ... to open the heart ... for the 'perfect' arrow from the 'hunter?'  Corn and carrots thrown about ... yes, I've seen this personally.  Is this what you're about?  Is this who you are?  Which gene are you pushing ... the fat gene ... the stupid gene ... the weak gene or the ego gene?

I want you to think about this ... who you are ... where you're going ... the respect for you ancestors ... for your genetic make-up?  All while the brightest of you are looking for a place to live somewhere in space ... because slowly very slowly the stupid gene is destroying this beautiful place with all it's beautiful creatures ...

I want you to think about this ....

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