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Friday, March 28, 2014

Running with the 'Unbearable Lightness of Being ...'

We forget where we come from ... who we are and the purpose of our design.  Our feet, the most amazing design, never ever supposed to be covered by a shoe.  Our skin ... one large cooling system, never to be covered in the heat of the day.

Today I ran 7km's in the heat of the day ... with boots, what I call a 'military run.'  I've been playing around with light packs ... especially for running, enough for 3 days.  The carrying of arrows and bow, while on a fast Bushman trot.  In the heat of the day, a pack can be a bastard of a thing ... covering a very large area of your skin.

While running I thought of the African Bushmen I grew up with, the way they organised themselves during a full day's persistence hunt.  It is important to have freedom of arm movement during a run and to expose as much of your skin on a hot day ... the only way, you'll run anything down.

My horse bow is light, very light ... only 500g.  I don't need to carry water due to modern technology ... the 'Life Straw' ... I can suck water out of any dirty old hole and survive.  Bushmen don't need much water anyway ...

My boots are heavy, but I'm working on running barefoot again.  I did this for many, many years ... I hunted barefoot until about 10 years ago.  The whole idea is to travel very light and to travel with lightning speed, across any terrain.

Suddenly I remembered, the leather 'poach' the Bushmen carried.  They carried this on one shoulder and it contained the following:  a quiver, the bow, a short stabbing spear, maybe a knopkierrie (throwing stick) and sometimes an ostrich egg filled with water.
Leather poaches carried by Bushmen

I'll design one of these, make it myself or get someone to make it ... test it and pencil the results in 'black & white.'  This is one of the oldest designs and possible the most practical.

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