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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Born To Run ...

I'm busy reading a fascinating book, Born To Run - Christopher McDougall.  If you're interested in any aspects of running then this is a must read.  A bit out of the book:

"Ken had heard about this guy in California, a long-haired mountain man named Gordy Ainsleigh, whose mare went lame right before the world's premier horse endurance event, the Western States Trail Ride.  Gordy decided to race anyway.  He showed up at the starting line in sneakers and set out to run all one hundred miles (160 km's) through the Sierra Nevada on foot.  He slurped water from creeks, got his vitals checked by veterinarians at the medical stops, and beat the twenty-four-hour cut-off for all horses with seventeen minutes to spare.  Naturally, Gordy wasn't the only lunatic in California, so the next year, another runner crashed the horse race ... and another the year after that ... until, by 1977, the horses were crowded out and Western States became the world's first one-hundred-mile footrace."

He starts this book explaining his battle trying to run effortlessly and the negativity from the scientific and medical professionals towards running.  I must admit that I find the same, especially in regards to my habit of running around midday.  I haven't found one single person as yet with something positive to say.  "You're mad," or "it's bad for you" or "it's bad for your joints" or even worse "it's not normal" just some of the feedback.  Most of the times it's overweight young white males shouting abuse out of warmed-up yuppie vehicles, as if you're a new threat to humanity.  Anyhow, this set him on a journey into the running world ... the ancient world ... the world I personally love with a passion ... after all, this is where we come from ... who we really are.

Once we ran with the wolves and wild horses, we had to live by the same laws as the wolf and the horse.  We had no option but to run, to stalk within 25 meters, to be able to run away from danger and towards our food.  If we couldn't do it, then we simple died and our genes with it.  Our ability to outrun the gazelle and their ability to adapt and outrun us, pushed the genetics on both sides ... therefore the splendid physique on both sides.  This is no more, of course, as we decided to move away from creation and natural selection to stuff ourselves with every poison available.  The poisons we didn't have we create and we'll destroy the whole planet to grow and dig for this stuff ... no tree or animal will stand in our way, not even our own water and oxygen sources.  We flop around like fat misplaced zombies, we cheat, lie and steal to get all these things we don't need and we can't get enough of it.  Why???  Because we stopped running ...