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Monday, November 11, 2013

Lightning ...

It has been very dry for a while now ... yesterday lightning and thunder appeared on the horizon, getting ready for battle.

Late afternoon I shot my bow into the darkness of a storm ... lightning dancing in the shadows of black clouds.  I watched the happiness of the Moor-hens in the Bullrush ... the flight of the White Ibis ... electricity in the air.

Since I can remember ... my childhood in the Kavango ... I always wanted to follow the first lightning of the season ... on a trot without ever looking back.  Today I found this:

" ... the immense role lightning played in the lives of all living things in the desert [including the Bushmen].  It was in a sense the light of their lives.  It was to them what a compass was to a sailor in a storm, or faith to us.  In times like the present all living things in the desert waited with desperate anxiety for the lightning to come.  When it did the transformation in them was unbelievable.  It was as if suddenly they had rediscovered their lost purpose.  No matter how famished and thirsty, they would be renewed at their first glimpse of it.  Wildebeest, hartebeest, eland, zebra, gemsbuck ... and hard on their heels, wild dogs, leopard, lion and hyena would follow after it from one end of the vast wasteland to the other."  
                                                               The Heart of the Hunter - Laurens van der Post

After the dry season in the Kavango, the vegetation is covered in a grey-white dust.  The first thunderstorms, accompanied by a wild display of lightning and thunder, would cleanse the leaves and the greenness of it all is food for the Soul.  The first rains cleanse the Soul, bring hope and clear all the shadows of the mind ... created during winter.

Tonight all the sounds of the night are different ... I can hear a range of frogs for the first time this season.  The calls of various birds ... and the foxes will be out tonight.

There is a deep sadness within me ... I'm tied by the chains of life ... I want to grab my bow and follow the lightning ... on a trot ... never once looking back.  I don't want to cross roads or barbed wire ... I don't want to see the artificial lights of homes, aircraft or vehicles in the darkness.  All I want to see is the lightning and the new horizons ... the bright green leaves in the morning ... the renewed energy in all living things.  I want to leave the Shadows of the Soul behind and follow the Light ... new horizons ... the return to the Old Life ...

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