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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Power of Fire ...

Since I can remember, I've always maintained that I don't belong to 'this world' ... the false civilized forest with plastic trees and beings without soul.  Today I found this ... a long lost book from my childhood - 'Reflections on Wilderness.'  I kept this book, because of this:

He sat on lonely vigil by the fire, but
he was not alone.  His thoughts
were centred upon those things greater
than the fire itself, ay even greater
that the world itself ...

For as the flames flickered, so did
the flames of his soul stir and
flicker, and the spark of 
remembrance was there.

Was he not child of fire and earth and
water and air, even of the great
beyond?  Was he not part of the great
interdependence of all things?  How
could he be separate if he knew
in his heart that he was not?  The flames
of his now-alighted soul told him so,
and surely he was better guided by
this intuition that the cold, matter-
of-fact reasoning of the material
concrete world.

He now felt free, unfettered, a part of
the whole ... even more ... the
whole itself.  There were no bounds for his
opportunity.  The stars he saw above
were his to have and hold, the breeze
was the breath of life, the earth
was the mother of his body, and the fire
- was it not the accumulation of all
these things rising in consuming
flame to once more rise and be with
that above?

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