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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Knowing (1) ...

Every now and then I 'write' or talk about 'the Knowing' that's coming back to me.  This is actually just plain and simple intuition.  I also 'write' about 'retained memories' and 'seeing,' which again are things we all have, but sometimes choose to ignore.

Mona Lisa Schulz (MD, PhD) is a neuropsychiatrist and neuroscientist, but also a medical intuitive.  She has written a beautiful book, Awakening Intuition, which explains our intuitive abilities and also why some of us choose to ignore it.  'Bits' about intuition out of her book:

"... contrary to the prevailing myth, it doesn't exist exclusively among a small band of individuals who possess some sort of extraordinary God-given power.  Intuition is just another sense, like seeing or feeling or hearing.  Moreover, it's a sense we all share.  We are all intuitive."

"So from my earliest days, the message I received ... and I believe it's the message most of us receive, was that intuition was bad, while intelligence was good,  Intuition is suspected; intelligence is accepted.

This message was no doubt reinforced for me when my parents, concerned that I wasn't normal, took me in for a psychological evaluation at the age of seven.  Although I received a clean bill of health, it was clear to me that what I had to do was to put aside my intuition and to work very, very hard at being 'smart."

Unfortunately, this is what happens to most of us in our little 'new' world ... intuition is killed very quickly with a big and heavy stick.  We all know that this ability is very present in the animals we keep.  I have seen the power of intuition in hunter-gatherer societies, especially the Bushmen from Southern Africa.  These abilities have been written up for centuries by modern man as he encountered 'primitive' man all over the world.

This is not a special gift to a special person ... this is something we all have ... all we have to do, is to go back to who we really are ... go back to Stillness and look deep within.

Once you're very aware, intuition helps you to make decisions.  There is seeing, like I see a bird in a tree ... or there's 'seeing' ... I see the things inside you, those you choose to hide.  There's  feeling, like I feel the heat of the sun on my back ... or there's 'feeling' ... I feel the energy surrounding you, whether it's false, negative or positive. 

Intuition helps us to save time ... it was used to help us find food, water and shelter ... pointed danger out to us.  Today we waste so much time in wrong situations, whether it is work related or relationships.  We all have retained memories, which direct us and shows us who we really are and we all have intuition, which can smell a rat or help us to heal ... on the outside and on the inside ...

Once we push intuition to the side ... we are lost.  Intuition is strongly linked to our energy levels ... and our awareness ...  something most of us have little of ...

What we eat, drink and occupy ourselves with ... the things that gallops through our minds ... all affects the energy within us, the light behind the eyes, the energy surrounding us ... making us who we are at that moment ... and is what we'll attract ...

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