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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love ... a Creative Activity ...

 "The active character of love is primarily giving, not receiving ..."

 Perhaps one of the most important intellectual abilities that made the evolution of science and art possible is creativity. Science and art are, however, not the only creative aspects of human culture ... the entire lives of hunter-gatherers in the Kalahari Desert were steeped in creative thinking.

Love, for example, is also a creative activity and plays a fundamental role in social relations. A characteristic feature of hunter-gatherer societies was the egalitarian sharing of food. What was perhaps most significant was that hunters and gatherers did not all contribute the same amount of food. The best hunters contributed much more meat than the poorest hunters. Furthermore, women provided more plant foods than men provided meat, except in the higher latitudes. This means that the better hunters contributed more meat than they expected to receive in return, while women provided more plant food than the meat they expected to receive in return, especially the women who were married to the less successful hunters. For egalitarian sharing to have been possible, the most successful hunters and gatherers had to have the capacity to give more than they expected to receive in return.

The active character of love is primarily giving, not receiving.  Love was therefore a necessity in hunter-gatherer subsistence, and may well have originated with the evolution of hunter-gatherer societies.

The Art of Tracking - The Origin of Science (Louis Liebenberg)

Today it is seen as normal to hook a single person with 'love' ... as in romantic love.  Very soon the fire stop burning, because one can only look for 'outward' love for so long.  Loving kindness goes a long way, because it's a pure out flow of love from the inside, continuously generated within due to a true connection/awareness/consciousness with universal loving kindness ... a fire that can never stop burning ...

I really enjoy this book, as the 'art of tracking' has such a strong connection to awareness/consciousness, which leads to creativity ... loving kindness ... higher levels of consciousness ...

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