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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Light Behind Your Eyes ... The Path You Walk ...

A few days ago, I came across the following: 

"I don't date wallets or meatsuits.....it's the light behind the eyes for me. the energy."
 "Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." -Morpheus
 As I've been 'writing' and talking about this for a while ... sometimes getting the cuckoo-look or that slight lift of the eyebrow thing ... very refreshing to come across this.  Within us, we carry knowledge so ancient and so powerful ... unfortunately the majority of us choose to look outside instead of inside.
The 'Light within us' and the 'Path we walk' have much to do with our own consciousness (awareness).  The one with light behind the eyes, walking his/her own path is actually a Warrior of Life.  When you come across a person like this you'll recognise certain traits ... first there's Discipline, second there's Stillness and last ... Wisdom or the seeking of Knowledge ...
 Sit in a public place and look at people coming and going ... see if you can spot someone with 'light behind the eyes' or one that's 'walking their own path.'  You'll soon find that this is a rare find indeed ...
 The majority of us forgot our own song ... our own dance ... our own walk.  We're taught from very young to dance the dance of another ... to sing the songs of others and to walk the path others walk.  Within you, you carry the songs, the dance and the Path of You ... how come you're not Singing, Dancing and Walking this .... You???
 I believe that the majority of us knows our own Path, but choose to Walk something completely different ... why???
 You'll find that those with the Light behind the eyes, yes those who Walk the Path ... they carry a certain energy ... sometimes seen as 'arrogant.'  A Springbok pronks with purpose, not with a tail between the legs ... a lion walks with purpose, not with a lame posture ... those who Walk the Path, walks like a Warrior.  It might not fit our current Flatwhite society ... as I've learned.  They'll look straight through you ... they'll search for the light behind your eyes.    
But ... you can't be what you're not.  If the Light shines out of you and shows you Your Path ... just walk it, even if it's a 'lonely' path.  It'll only be lonely, because you've never learned to smell the flowers along the way.
You'll walk with broad shoulders, the sun will look down upon you and see what you are ... see that you're a Man or a Woman.  The Flatwhites will look at you .... try their hardest to break you down ... to something that's Not, so that you can walk and talk like them ... tail between the legs, eyes down ...
 You can only Walk with Light ... if you learn how to fight ... the Path of the Inner Warrior ... saying No to everything out there, saying Yes to everything that comes from inside ...

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