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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Energy Lessons (2) ...

During my 'Natural Medicine' and Qi Qong years I've learned that there are various types of human energy:

Primordial Energy:  The prenatal energy with which every human being is born into this world ... bestowed by the the energies of the father and mother.  You have a limited supply of this and the faster it's used due to poor diet, chronic stress and 'fast living', the weaker your immune system becomes and the shorter you lifespan.

True Energy:  Postnatal energy derived from digestion, respiration, metabolism etc.  Qi Gong and Yoga improves the body's capacity to produces this type of energy ...thus conserves the limited stores of Primordial energy by enhancing the supply of True Energy.

Nourishing Energy:  The fuel of metabolism and other vital functions of organs and cells ... travelling within blood vessels and energy meridians.  The potency depends on the quality of food and water consumed, the cleanness of the air we breathe and the efficiency of the body systems.

Guardian Energy:  Moves outside the bloodstream and energy channels ... distributed evenly throughout the surface of the body ... dorms a protective shell of energy that protects against energies from the environment (extreme weather, radiation) and negative energies from other people.

The Energies from the various solid and hollow organs.

Essential Energy:  Energies derived from the conversion of the purest forms of essence in the body ... sexual fluids, hormones and neurochemicals.  When these fluids are conserved rather than dissipated, they are transformed into potent Nourishing Energy.  In the 'higher' forms of Martial Arts ejaculation control is practised for example to conserve this type of energy.

Spiritual Energy:  The most highly refined of all energies and the product of the most advance stages of practice (Qi Gong & Yoga) ... the ordinary energies of the body are transformed into pure spiritual vitality.  It enhances spiritual awareness and improves cerebral functions.

When one is aware of these types of energies, it's easy to understand how a bad lifestyle or a negative state of mind can influence or change your energy levels.  Energy can get 'stuck' within your body, your resistance against negative outside influences can decline and your awareness or consciousness can completely disappear.

It is very clear that the generation and distribution of energy throughout the body plays a huge role in the development of consciousness or awareness.  The complete waste of these energies leads to  life without awareness ... something that is very clear and present in our world today.

Most people don't know or understand what their purpose is in life ... each of us have two.  The most important one is our Inner Purpose, the same for each and all of us ... the development of consciousness ... the primary factor in creation.  Once you are aware you can listen to you own songs, develop your own dance and follow your own path ... this is your Outer Purpose, all to do with doing, but not as important as your Inner Purpose.

Today there are so many factors that destroys our energies ... the wrong food, the wrong drinks, a very fast life, stress, lack of exercise, incorrect breathing, negative emotional influences from the outside and inside ... destructive relationships, destructive sexual practices.

Again it all comes back to three things to restore balance and develop consciousness:

Discipline ... the foundation for ...

Stillness/Meditation, which again builds ...

Wisdom ... which flows right through you and the Universe.

It doesn't matter where we are in life, if we want to develop consciousness we must walk the disciplined path of a Warrior ... there's no other way ...

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