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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Stress of Life ...??

Somewhere in '96, on the flight from South Africa to the new country ... Australia, I drowned myself in an article written by a South African scientist, who's name I forgot.  He studied and lived with baboons for several years, concentrating on the stress levels of the troop under various conditions.  This article caught my eye, because I was familiar with Eugene Marias's, 'The Soul of the Ape ...'

From a personal point of view, I'm very much aware of the stress levels in all living things ... humans, horses, dogs, fowl, game and of course ... myself.  I assume that this comes from close observation, only found in the stillness of Nature ... the same road Eugene Marais and this scientist walked.

The result of his study interest me, because it confirmed my own view of our 'Flatwhite' society.  This is what he saw in this baboon troop ...:

When things were tough, environmental conditions were dry and the predators ... mostly leopards in this case, were a threat every single moment.  Neighboring troops were desperately trying to take over their territory ... life was tough, but ... the stress levels in these baboons were nothing compared to the following ...

During good seasons, the predators concentrate on other game, the neighboring troops didn't bother, because food were in abundance, but ... the members of the troop had plenty of time to give each other a hard time.  There were constant 'disagreements,' fighting amongst each other, the picking on 'weak' individuals ... the constant push of upsetting the peace.  The stress levels measured during the 'good times' were much higher than during the 'bad times.'

This reminded me so much of our Flatwhite society, the constant "I'm so sorry I live" attitude ... the constant negativity, the fault finding maneuvers, the finger pointing, the back chatting, the back stabbing ... the walk with a thorn bush in the hand, looking for an arsehole to pull it through.  When life is good, we turn into arseholes ... on the prowl like hyenas to make someones life miserable.

... and how I've come across this ... life is good, you take care of others ... out come the thorn bush, straight through you backside ... before you could blink your eyes ...

Life was never meant to be easy ... me thinks.  How many of us have ever known hunger, death, fear, torture, war, watching a child die because there's no medical help ... but, we make others suffer, a suffering worse than all those I mentioned put together ... the slow intentional torturing of the mind and soul.

Life was never meant to be easy ....

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