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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

... someone special ...

... that day someone special walked into your life,
looking through the windows of your soul,
seeing something beyond all the false reflections.

Always touching you with his heart in his hand,
truthful smile at your beauty,
his kindness ... always present.

... that day someone special disappeared from your life,
because the reflections destroyed your soul,
the constant search for yourself ... out there.

Listening to the voices of others ...,
... you've never found your own,
always searching for yourself ... out there.

You'll walk the Shadows, searching for that touch,
you'll sell your body and soul cheaply,
... searching for that truthful smile.

You'll see someone touch a horse ... heart in hand,
you'll wonder ... why, why, why ...,
because you don't know yourself.

You'll see a lonely figure in the sunset ... strength,
but it will never be you ...,
because you don't understand your own heart.

Someone special ... walks on ... because they're special,
refusing destruction by the darkness,
... darkness of your soul.

You'll walk the Shadows ... with other shadows,
you'll see and touch many ... you'll be lonely,
always searching for that touch ... that smile.

Why, why, why ... because you don't know yourself,
not speaking your heart ... that silence,
worse than words that cut like a sword.

Standing there, saying one thing,
doing the opposite,
you don't feel your heart.

You'll always walk the Shadows,
looking for that smile,
searching for the touch ...

... that someone special ...

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