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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Importance of Yoga and/or Qi Gong ...

Evidence of acupuncture and energy meridians in the body goes back to 6000 BC.  Only very recently scientific technology caught up and was able prove the presence of the acupressure points as drawn thousands of years ago.  Today 'medical acupuncturists' use electronic devices to locate these points, where traditional acupuncturists train for many years to locate these points by 'feel' only.

Today it is a well know fact that there is circulation of energy through the body and that certain conditions can cause blockages in the energy flow, which can cause not only physical, but also emotional symptoms.  The system of acupuncture cross link these energy channels to improve or divert energy flow in the body ... this is an amazing science, thousands of years old.

The history of both Yoga and Qi Gong go back thousands of years and was designed to improve energy flow throughout the body ... opening blockages.  Specific postures and movement, combined with breathing and focus improves the circulation of energy throughout the body, opening blockages and improving overall health.

It is also an scientific fact that our hunter/gatherer ancestors were amazingly fit and healthy compared to the modern human.  They were not only taller with very little teeth decay, but they had the bone density and skeletal structure of the Olympic athletes of today.  The way they moved everyday and their lifestyle caused a natural flow of energy.  Walking barefoot, connecting to both earth and heavens and being surrounded by the full blown energy of nature ... increased this flow of energy.

Since the agricultural age, we grew shorter and fatter, our teeth and bones weakened.  We turned from natural Olympic athletes to coach potatoes.  We wear rubber soles, we dwell in buildings and areas with massive electronic fields, we clutch cell phones and electronic devices ... even when we sleep we are surrounded by it.  All interfering with our natural flow of energy and the connection of it to the natural energy flow of the universe.

The hunter/gatherer didn't need Yoga or Qi Gong ... but we do.  Our only hope of keeping that precious energy flowing.  Most of our problems, physical and emotional, are caused by a stagnation of energy.  Amazingly this has been known for thousands of years ... but we still plot along ... grabbing pills and potions like long lost drug addicts ...

There are many 'new' systems with fancy names ... just like all the new pills and potions, all based on either Yoga or Qi Gong ... I guess it's better than nothing ...

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