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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A True Hunter Kills with Understanding ... (2)

We are genetically all hunter-gatherers, with the experience of close to 1.8 million years.  The vegetarian concept was born out of the agricultural stage, which is a very recent development in the history of mankind.

Every living creature on this planet, including us, are part of the food chain ... we live and we die.  It is only us who see ourselves now as superior ... anything making us part of their diet, part of the food chain, should be destroyed.  If we die, we hide in a wooden box six foot under the ground so that nothing can consume us.  We refuse to accept that we are part of the bigger picture, therefore we have separated ourselves from everything out there ... we the superior ...

'Killing' has a specific function in nature ... it 'pushes' the genes to outsmart and to survive, creating superb specimens.  Even here, the majority of us, have stepped out of the game - we pull our noses up, again we are superior to the same concept that made us what we are.  We are at a point now where we are genetically declining ... infertile, diseased from a young age, physically incapable of coping with the environment and very prone to all kinds of diseases ... weak immune systems.

The reason we love to watch the Olympics, is because watching superb athletes brings back memories of who we really are.  Scientific studies indicates that the average hunter-gatherer had the fitness and physique of an Olympic athlete today.  The remaining hunter-gatherers of today have incredible endurance and immune systems ... because they are still part of the bigger picture and not separated from it.  We love watching runners, especially those from Africa ... because they are still very much related to our hunter-gatherer ancestors at all levels.

This is how the 'killing'' concept works:

There are prey animals and predators and the ways the prey animals are being killed is not swift and painless.  In most cases prey animals are eaten while alive or ripped to pieces to die a slow and painful death.  This is actually the drive for the prey animal to be always alert, always fit, always fast ... the slower ones get taken out of the gene pool and the stronger ones survive and produce offspring with the superior genetic material ... a plus for the species.

This naturally causes the predator to suffer, their young can now slowly die of starvation or they themselves can weaken and fall prey to other predators ... in both cases, a horrible death.  This again is the drive for survival ... to become faster and smarter hunters.  This continuous push on both sides ensures that the strongest survive and that the species reproduce with the best that there is.

As humans we were part of this system, our genes were driven to the limit ... the reason for our incredible genetic make-up during the hunter-gatherer stage.  Stepping out of it, we are slowly but surely genetically declining ... a slap in the face of our ancestors who walked the Earth for thousands of years.

Killing or dying is a necessary process, if it takes out the weak and if it improves the genetic make-up of the species involved.  If one should manage to teach a lion to use a high power rifle with a scope, what will happen??  The lion has no reason to keep fit or strong ... he can sit in the shade high on a hill and pick prey animals out at 400 meters plus, without effort.  His cubs can be taught very easily to do the same.  Soon, they'll become bored and start to look down upon the prey animals and take out the biggest bulls with the biggest horns, soon there will be competition amongst the lions, who themselves have become fat and lazy.  They'll take photos of the biggest of the biggest ... showing it off at every occasion.

All this does ... it ensures the genetic decline of both the lion and the prey animal.  Now there is no drive, nothing to ensure that the genetic make-up get the best to work with.  This is a very sad affair ... again a slap in the face, not only for our ancestors, but the whole Universe.

If you are a farmer and you breed cattle of very high quality.  If you get important visitors, you are not going to grab your best rifle and walk out in the paddock, shooting your best stud bull for the evening Bbq???  Then take photos of yourself, walking around showing it to everyone.  You'll be seen as an idiot for doing it.  The reason why the modern hunter can do it, is because he/she is disconnected and separated from what they 'hunt.'  They don't see the importance of the killing aspect ... they don't understand it at all.  They see the prey animal as something that is replaceable, anything that looks good with big horns is a go.  They don't see the need of giving that animal the chance to proof his genetic make-up.  They definitely don't see the point of that within themselves, as they are already 'superior.'

Hunting with equipment or from 'forced positions of comfort,' which ensures the removal of the best genetic material in a gene pool is just wrong.

There was a good reason for a young man to proof himself as a good hunter in a hunter-gatherer society.  It showed everyone, especially the 'bride to be' that he was genetically capable ...

If you hunt by the standards of your hunter-gatherer ancestors, you are actually looking after the Earth.  You are part of it all and not separated from it.  Those that escape you, deserves that.  If you put yourself in danger, hunting this way, relying on your own alertness and fitness ... you are part of it all.  You are 'driving' your own genes ... you are part of it all.  If the game you hunt outsmart you, then you have to step up ... this is your duty, because you have to 'drive' the genes of the game you hunt, so that they can step up.  This is the only way that ensures we are all getting the best out of it.

Look at the photos of the majority of 'hunters' today ... most of them won't be able to keep up with Sunday morning stroll of their hunter-gatherer ancestors.  In fact, the majority of these 'hunters' rely on the abilities of hunter-gatherers to track and point out game to them ... the reason for black or Bushman guides in Africa, for example.  These 'hunters' have lost the ability or interest to do the simplest of things ... to see, to track, to skin and to prepare what they've killed ... but they all have good trigger fingers ...

This is the disconnected form of hunting ... which triggers a nasty gut feeling in most people ... because we have memories of what we used to be.  We feel this is wrong and we react against this, not taking into account that there is an ancient code of practice for hunting, one that ensures that we all turn out for the best ...

If you hunt in this way, the way of your ancestors before the agricultural stage ... you'll never hunt for 'pleasure' ... you'll hunt because you are part of the whole process.  You'll respect nature, you'll only take what you need and you won't degrade those you kill.  You won't fear death yourself, you'll welcome it when in comes ... because you know it's your time to be part of it all.  You won't walk up into the paddock and kill you stud bull or top cows, you'll look after them ...

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