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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hakahn ...

One night ... he left everything behind, lost souls and all things materialistic,
he walked for many moons ... North to the endless horizons.
The places of Stillness and Solitude the Old Ones told him about,
he made a bow and slept besides small fires ... eyes of a Wild Woman watching ...

Never will he return to the 'nest of civilization' ... lonely place for the Soul,
never will he see the selfish ... the actors of the Soul.
He crossed rivers and mountains, avoiding all humans,
he entered wild country and his Soul was set free.

That same night he dreamed about a grey horse,
a horse with the name Hakahn.
He woke the next morning ... a sudden alertness of the mind,
walking with purpose, to the place of endless horizons.

In early spring he sat on a dune covered with winter grass,
watching herds of zebra, springbok and wildebeest.
Then he saw it, a single grey horse running with the zebras,
the wind changed, the zebras bolted ... the grey horse circled.

The grey horse circled and circled, snorting, tail in the air,
testing the wind until it spotted him.
Snorting, pawing the ground ... the horse faced him,
then suddenly took off ... joining the zebra.

That night he slept at the foot of the dune, beside a small fire,
in the shadows the Wild Woman watched him ... her eyes smiling.
In the morning, he picked up the tracks of the horse,
he walk for many moons.

Sometimes he found the horse, sometimes the horse found him,
without expectations he followed the path of the grey horse.
The day came where he touched Hakahn's forehead, 
they became One ... moving to the same place of endless horizons.

The Bushmen tell stories of a naked man on a grey horse,
they see their tracks and sometimes ...
They see them in the Shadows, watching them,
then they know it is time to move ... the Others are coming ...

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