With time various topics, most connected to the 'ancient ways,' will be covered. Some of these might be controversial in nature - you're most welcome to contribute.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little Fire and Your Wild Burning Metabolism.

In Africa the African Bushmen always make a small fire - they don't like to be seen.  The Africans make a bigger fire and White Man always make one hell of a big fire, lots of fuel and sparks.  I learned from the Bushmen to make small long burning fires with little effort.

In northern Namibia (Southwest Africa) grows a tree that is named 'Muntu' by the blacks - 'Muntu' means people.  When dead and still upright these trees look like people from a distance.  When they fall over, they are picked up just like that and carried back to a 'kraal' or campsite - no chopping of trees.  Three of these long trees/logs are used to make a small fire and when finished cooking, they are simply pulled apart.  These logs will smolder over night and the next morning they are put together again and the little fire starts up again.  These logs can last for a week, sometimes longer - all the cooking is done on it and at night it provides light.

Whenever out with modern man ... out comes the chainsaws, axes and chains.  Trees are chopped up in little pieces and stack somewhere - all of this takes up lots of energy.  Providing light or cooking with small pieces of wood like that, takes effort - continues feeding of a big fast burning fire.

Imagine a pot on a 'camping fire' - the effort if you must keep it boiling with grass or paper only.  Fast burning stuff, big short term flames and the continues effort to keep it going.

The hunter-gatherer's metabolism is being kept going by long solid 'Muntu' trees - no effort.  Modern man's metabolism is fed by very fast burning fuels - big short term flames - lots of effort to keep it going.

Your body and brain need constant fuel/energy and carbohydrates can best be described as kindling.  Whole grains and legumes makes up the twigs.  Starches (cereals and potatoes) and simple sugars are the paper that's being fed to the fire.  Alcohol is just that ... gasoline to a fire.  If carbohydrates are your main source of 'fuel' - you'll work hard to feed that fire, this will be ongoing and consistent work.  You'll crave this fuel on a regular basis.  The simpler the sugar the quicker it'll burn and you'll have to run to fuel the fire again.  Carbohydrates provide an explosion of fire ... then there's nothing ... you'll have to fuel up quickly to keep going - constant work, constant explosions and then ... nothing.

Hope you can see where some of the 'expert' dietary advice comes from - they tell you to eat every two hours - eat small meals.  If you are dependent on carbohydrates, then this will be your life.  You'll make some industry rich, you'll make the drug companies rich and you'll keep the medical profession in business.

You need 'Muntu' logs ... to free you from sugar, alcohol and caffeine boosts.  No hunter-gatherer would've survived living like this.  You're not designed to eat like this.  Dietary fat is like a big 'Muntu' log on a fire - it burns at a regular, easy and even rate. This even flame keeps the hormone leptin under control, keeps insulin in its place and your appetite satisfied.  Protein in excess is converted to sugars - in moderate quantities it is used for structural repair and maintenance.

Ketones, an energy producing by-product of the metabolism of fats, are used effectively and safely by the brain and all other tissues of the body - they are the preferred fuel for every organ in the body.  Current research indicates they are less damaging than glucose.

One can go for many hours on this longer burning type of fuel without discomfort or maddening cravings - no dizziness, fogginess, irritability, fatigue or mood swings.  No hunter-gatherer could afford these type of yuppie luxuries!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Genetically we are all Hunter-Gatherers.

For those who don't know, I have a bit of a history in Animal & Human Physiology, Nutrition, Biochemistry & Natural Medicine.  Due to complete neglect and 'getting lost,' by taking a few 'wrong turns,' I've pushed all of this aside ... for too long.

I've learned that there is no such a thing as a 'wrong turn' or 'time lost' or doing the 'wrong' thing - things all happen for a reason ... such is the journey of life.  Everything can be fixed by changing from being 'unskillful' to being 'skillful' again - there is only one time to do this and it is NOW.  It is the only time that means something and it is the only time when you are really present ... that is if you allow yourself to be there.

I've also learned that we sometimes do everything possible NOT to live in the presence of NOW, but to dwell either in the past or future.  This causes us to deviate from our true path in life and take turn or 'short cuts,' only to be pulled back dramatically by the forces of nature.  This causes us to go on a longer life journey ... proudly showing off the battle scars ...

We all carry ancient knowledge with us - either in our genes or from past life experiences ... this is why some things come naturally to us or feel so familiar.  All this knowledge lives within us and by not being present, we miss most of it - we search for it 'outside.'

One thing is very clear and that is that 99.99% of our genes were formed before the Agricultural Age, which started around 10 000 years ago.  Genetically we are all Hunter-Gatherers and we all are bombarded by very confused people 'out there' who tries their best to tell you otherwise - so that you can buy all the new stuff 'out there' ... you 'need' all of this, so that you can survive the New World.

Every true health specialist or immunologist out there will tell you that the most common allergens known to man are wheat, sugar and diary products.  The reason for this is simple - genetically you are not designed to digest this ... yet, we are bombarded by the 'well educated out there' on an hourly basis - we need this stuff!!

Think about this:  65% of Americans are overweight and about 27% clinically obese.  Last year Australia has by-passed the Americans for the first time when it comes to being overweight.  All the newest research shows that fats in the diet are not the main culprit, but points without doubt to excess carbohydrates from our starch and sugar loaded diets.

Is it really that hard to be a Hunter-Gatherer in the Modern World??  The good news is ... NO, this can be done and many in the so-called First World are doing it.  There are literally thousands of studies available, dating back to research done on remaining hunter-gatherers - as well as archeological and anthropological studies.  The research is clear, our genetic layout is clear, the 'modern' world we live in is not ...

With time, I'll take grains, dairy products & carbohydrates ... break it down with all the current research available - just for my own benefit ... because I'm a bit rusty.

We raised our beautiful three children without most of this stuff and the results speak for itself.  Over the years I have managed to change peoples lives for the better by sticking to the ancient knowledge.  I have also managed to completely neglect this way of living, the only way of living, for periods in my own life.  Within us lives two, sometimes more ... at least one of 'them' loves to be destructive in countless ways.  There is a way to tame the beast and the best way is to return to what you're designed for ... what you're genetically programmed for.  This is The Way ....