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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Walking the full Moon

Walking the full moon ... like walking the daylight Shadows
Look into the depths of the Wild One's eyes
Lightness in my step ... seeing and feeling everything.

The moon ... white washed white, covered in a cream lace
Nothing on my shoulders ... cleansing of my soul
Light of the moon ... light in her eyes ... path so clear.

Tracking the Wild One ... all the paths she walk
Leaving her small things ... messages for the soul
Seeing her tracks ... leaving nothing else.

Return to the ancient ways ... path of the Warrior
Solitude and Intimacy ... Discipline and Letting Go
Inner Feeling ... Immediate Action.

Fearlessness ... looking everything in the eye
Fighting fit ... training of the mind
Stillness within ... creative expression.

Never looking back ... that's the wrong way
Focus to the front ... never give up
Finding new ways ... always creative.

Remove all coldness ... heat of a small fire
Watching her eyes ... always watching me
Never control ... always let her go.

Believe in touch ... in the warmth
Find the Stillness ... drown in it
Trembling lips ... touching souls.

Call of the fox
Death of a rabbit
Walking the full moon.

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