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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Power of the Wild One ...

You've called me for a long time, because I've walked the Shadows for you before ... the familiar paths of Solitude and the wild, but rare trails of Intimacy ... the temporary reward.  In the beginning, as always, your call ... a whisper, your approach ... so soft, your eyes of kindness all knowing in the light of the fire.  Now, I hear your screams at night, your eyes wild and glowing in the dark of the night and you've sent the One ... Every night and even in my own shadow, I see his spots ... and I know it's time.

Always, you've spoken to me through the wind, the grass and the stars.  I've been trying to hide, but you've spoken to me through the language of the horse and the soul of the bow and arrow.  I should've known, I can't hide from you ... because you know ... you know everything.

Why can't you leave me alone, my work is done?  All I wanted is one Life ... a 'normal' life - I've tried so hard ... why can't you leave me alone?  What is it you want to show me, what is it you want me to do this time?  Yes, sometimes I long for the Stillness ... moving with the horse in the Shadows with the One.  Sometimes, I see the quiver of red-feathered arrows resting in the most beautiful places of Stillness ... yes, sometimes I want to go there again.  I want to track the Wild Woman ... watch her from the Shadows as she baths in the Light .

How am I going to learn this other life if you don't leave me alone?  I can't do both ... living somewhere in the Shadows ... somewhere between Solitude and Intimacy.  What is it that I must learn?  Why can't you leave me, just for one life ... why must I always see you, see your eyes?

I can't fight you ... I can never fight you ... you always win.  I'll find a flat rock in the sun today, one connected so deeply to the roots of the earth ... I'll bow naked for you and you can take my soul.  I'll take any path in the Shadows you show me and I'll run wild and free again.  I'll speak the language of the horse again and I'll touch the Soul of the bow.  I'll make red-feathered arrows with care and I'll treat them with respect.  Red, the only colour I can see in the Shadows ... the only colour the Wild Woman can't see coming.

I'll stop drowning me in all sorts of toxins, I'll cleanse my soul ... I'll run like the wind again.  I'll put all pain and discomfort aside, I'll sleep on the ground again, close to the One ... your eyes watching me.  I'll listen again, to all the things I already know.  I'll do the things that comes from Stillness, the things inside me ... those things that can only be awakened by the Stillness.

Out of the Stillness ... comes the Feeling ... out of Feeling comes the Creative Force.  See Wild One ... I still remember these things, I still remember ...

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  1. Be still... dont fight... surrender...the answer is there... here... you know. yes you do.... just be still... BE