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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Power of the Image

I believe that a simple thing, like a photo carries energy ... this can have a very powerful influence on the mind.  Images come in all forms and shapes ... they can come in the form of dreams or maybe a person that you saw in a split second, never to be seen again.  These type of images can stick like ticci tacci to the walls of your soul ... forever.

Sometimes we see something within the eyes of another ... or 'the other,' ... the eyes of a human or an animal.  Sometimes we see eyes in the dark or in our dreams ... some of these may be plastered permanently to the temples of the soul.

These images carries energy ... positive or negative and they can play like old black and white movies ... over and over again ... split second images on the white washed walls of your soul.  Sometimes we tap into these displays to gather a bit of positive energy or to swim in the dark pools of depression.  Either way ... somehow, it feeds the hungry mouths of the soul.

Some images are carved with cold chisels into the dark web-laced corners of my soul:

A man standing with a pillow next to a sleeping boys bed ... covering my face.
A dead Eland antelope 'girl' with tears in her eyes ... the blood on my hands.
The spotted One (leopard) I shot ... died in the perfect spot, waiting for me.
A Rhone antelope bull, running right up to me ... prancing like and Arabian stallion ... teasing me to shoot him ... but I couldn't, because I could reach and touch him.
The profile of a traditional Himba girl in a city ... with the 'knowing' that she doesn't belong .... just like me.
An AK47 in my face at a very young age.
The death of another ... blood on my hands.
The hurt in the 'Wild Woman's' eyes.

There are many images in the lightness of my soul ... I can bring them up at will, even in the darkest hours ... they feed my soul with positive energy.  I gather these wherever I go ... if I can I capture moments forever and I print them with the laser printer of my soul.  These images can't go anywhere, they're mine ... forever.

Some images come from a long time ago ... a life that is not from here.  Sometimes we see things and we Know ... we know that person, we know those eyes, we know that profile.  Sometimes we know that space ... that place.  This happens to me all the time ... the familiar ... always connected to the black and white images of the soul.  This is the time ... we must stop for a moment and remember ... never should we try and analyze ... only remember.

The more we store and the more we remember ... the more we pull these images up - the easier it gets.  If we find the Stillness ... images will come that help us remember, help us to recognise the path we must walk ... the people we must meet.  These images comes in all forms and shapes ... all we have to do is to look closely  and ... remember.

My favourite image ... the loving eyes of the 'Wild Woman,' watching her little ones play.  This is the highest form of love ... the love of a mother.  This is a softness, a love that no one can capture in a photo ... no words can describe ... it can only be laser printed ... forever ... on the walls of the soul.

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  1. Baie mooi, dinge waarmee ons almal worstel, elke op hul eie manier ...