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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The One Who Hunts the Darkness.

Every so often, the Wild Woman calls me away ... away from everything I know in this life - to the places I've always known.  These are the places most of us have forgotten ... the places we can only find in the Stillness of Nature.  This is the place deep inside ... the place of Knowing.

The Wild Woman has wicked ways ... seductive eyes only visible in the reflection of a small fire.  The eyes are never searching, they don't need to ... because they Know everything.  Ignoring the Wild Woman ... turning your back on her, is the worst thing you can do.  Turning away from the Knowing is turning away from the Stillness, turning away from the place of Knowing deep inside you.

When I ignore the call of the Wild Woman, ... she sends the One Who Hunts the Darkness.  I've known him all my life and we had a few close encounters.  Once as a child, out of pure fear, I killed the One ... never do I want to do that again.  This was a day of great sadness ... the day I ate the flesh of the One.  The leopard is the One Who Hunts the Darkness, always alone, always in the shadows ... seeing and knowing everything.  I know the leopard ... I've killed the leopard and I've eaten his flesh ... therefore the One lives within me.

Lately, in the deepest of dreams and when I walk the darkness of the night ... I feel the leopard very close, following me in the shadows.  The Two ... the Wild Woman and the One - they pull me away from the things I do and know ... they pull me to the depths of the Knowing.  Still, I don't want to go ... I fight this on the outside and the inside ... I don't want to go.

The leopard is always alone ... a life of Solitude in the Shadows of Life ... always watching.  Every now and then he meets with his own Wild Woman, ... short intense periods of the deepest Intimacy.  This is the only time he lets go, the only time he moves out of the Shadows and gives Everything to his Wild Woman.  This is the time of the Drowning ... he drowns in the softness of all of what is the opposite of him ... Intimacy.  He can do this naturally, because he Knows and he is thirsty ... thirsty for the softness of Intimacy only she can give him.  This is the slow dance of Intimacy.

During the times of Solitude, the leopard avoids even his own kind.  His territory overlaps with the territory of his Wild Woman ... she never sees him, but he always sees her.  He watches her, learn from her ... learn everything about her ... for the coming Drowning in the softness of Intimacy.

This intense dance ... in the shadows, somewhere between Solitude and Intimacy causes a nature that kills easily ... the same natural ease as with the Drowning.  Very few can look the leopard in the eye ... only the Wild Woman can as she has no fear.  It is the eyes of both that pulls me now ... pulls me to the place of Knowing.

I must walk ... follow the path in the Shadows, the path the Wild Woman and the One Who Hunts the Darkness walk ... I must follow this path to the Stillness, so that I can feel and see the place of Knowing deep inside me ... again, just like the times of long ago.  I know this ... but I don't want to walk this path ... I'm fighting it every day.  The calling gets louder ... I see the Wild Woman's eyes everywhere and I can feel the One in every shadow.  It is time to walk ... I know it ... it is the time to walk.

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