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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Kiss of the Wild Woman ...

A kiss can be everything what we are, but it can never hide ... because it is touch through the most sensitive and sensual part of the body.  The place where all truths and lies are expressed ... with all the breaths of life.

A kiss can be deep and it can be on the surface, it can be warm and also very cold, it can tell of hidden lies ... but it can also link the soul of one to the other ... for a brief moment, making it One.

When all the channels in the body are open, when everything flows and all the obstacles of the mind are removed ... a kiss can show everything that's inside and it can bring everything on the inside to the surface.

The energy that circulates through the body are interrupted where the lips part, the tongue can complete the circle of this energy by touching the roof of the mouth.  This form of sensual touch can tap into the energy field of another, thus the feeling of One.

Being sensitive and aware of your own energy and those of others, a simple kiss can feel and tell everything.  This circle of energy that can latch onto the hurt and broken parts of another's body, can take the pain away ... every mother will tell you that.  Every true lover knows that ...

Emotional and physical pain are stored everywhere in the cells of the body ... a simple kiss with intention can relieve and even unlock the pain.  This is the Power of the Kiss ...

The kiss of the Wild Woman tells no lies, it holds nothing back, it is brutally honest and you can never make it yours ... because it is not yours to keep or to capture.  Once kissed by the Wild Woman, you see and feel things ... most very familiar from the ancient times ... some you've never experienced before.  Some of these things are within the Wild Woman and some are within yourself ... all these happens at the time when the souls join for a brief moment.

The kiss of the Wild Woman is never yours to keep, it is a golden key to the hidden rooms of your soul ...  Picking up a tear ... a tear that escaped through the windows of the soul ... picking a tear up with the softness of the lips ... that's the Kiss of Life, the Kiss of Understanding & Compassion.  This is the kiss of the Wild Woman ... the kiss we should all learn.

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