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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Doctors of the Soul ...

I'm not a person for the cold ... cold weather, cold people or coldness of the mind.  The beginnings of us all started in a warm place ... the southern tip of Africa.  Africa is not just warm in climate, but warm all over, it is this same warmth that can make people stagnant and soul lazy.  Strangely enough ... the coldness can ignite a little flame of creativity that can bring permanent warmth to all the rooms of the Soul.

All my life I felt that I never belong ... in what we call the 'modern' world, even the arrogance of the term 'First World' make my soul squirm.  Like so many in the so called 'First World,' I grew up in a society that believed in an 'outer' world ... artificial achievements and 'beauty.'  It is all about where you live, how you dress, the car you drive, where you studied, which church you support ... all about external 'things' ... things that you'll leave behind when you leave this world.

The total neglect of the beauty of the Soul and the lack of inner warmth and compassion ... this is the most horrible disease of the 'modern' world .... but, billions of dollars are thrown around like used toilet paper to care for the outer appearances.  The beauty of the Soul is left to rot in an artificial shell of short term beauty.

Creative people are 'people' who live in huts, little apartments or dark rooms ... wasting time on things to warm the Soul.  They live in little houses, with long curvy driveways ... they dress differently and drive funny little cars ... they have either few or very strange friends.  Most of them go to different Universities ... mostly the University of Life, where they study things that warm the soul.  The ancient things that the 'modern' world left outside to rot.  Creative people walk around by themselves and pick these things up ... create beautiful things to heal the Soul.

When the busy very good looking and wealthy 'modern' man breaks away from the rat race ... they go and live in little huts, in little apartments and in little country houses with long curving driveways ... where they hide willingly from their own kind.  They spend millions buying places in the 'country' ... to help heal their suffering Souls.

It is here where they overdose on all the things produced by the ever searching Souls of the creative mind ... the minds of creative people.  They go to hippie markets and buy hippie stuff to make their Souls happy... they buy erotic novels and arty books written by weird writers that live in hidden Cottages of Stillness.  They stand for hours and listen to the music of the 'musician' that sleeps under a bridge ... who creates from the heart and plays through the Soul.  They buy all kinds of weird music to help heal their Souls ... and self-help books written by people who live on love, green tea and berries.

When 'modern' man's heart has lost it's Soul - it returns to the places and creations of the creative mind ... where creative people live and create ... out of nothing ... because it heals.

Next time you see the shyness of an artist, the weirdness of a writer and the directness of the blacksmith... the little houses they live in and the funny clothes they wear ... the sadness in some, the abundance of happiness in others ... the lack of worldly things ... the creations out of nothing - think of it as the only medicine available to your Soul ... thank these doctors of your Soul.

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  1. Oh... so true.. so true.. Thank you Master. :D ~~