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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Path of the Wild Woman.

Close to the blue water I sat ... suddenly she was there.  
This time ... her eyes so clear ... the depths of her soul.
She was smiling at me with an openness ... unknown today.

With the sun on my back and sweat on my upper lip ... I watched her.
Lips so full of unspoken words ... always smiling ... no need for words.
A slight turn of her head ... eyes now closed ... soft dark hair in the softness of her neck.

When she opened her eyes ... entering the depths of my soul ... through the windows of her soul.
The Path of the Wild Woman ... a path to the Darkness and Depths of the Soul.
A deep pull to the Unknown ... a world we all used to Know.


  1. Nice to have you back, hope you enjoyed the walkabout.

  2. Reminds me of a song..if u were mine...Frank Duval. Why is there this native search...the smoky tentackles of your soul trying to capture mine... it is not yours.. it belongs to the wild.. the unknown .. for when it is found, the mystery will be known. It wants to stay wrapped in it's cloak of wonder... What is this hunger? the hunger.. the soul's aching and craving to unwrap and know and to melt into one another...To become one. There has to be freedom in the oneness... each dancing and singing, swirling around each other... Like harmony, like freedom... but aslife in itself.. Live

  3. This is the secret ... to stay wild. If you 'capture' a wild soul you have to 'tame' it ... a 'tamed' soul is a 'destroyed' soul. The meeting of free and wild souls on the path of life is the miracle of Life itself ... trying to hold on to it is soul destroying.
    On the other hand, souls can't be destroyed, they can only be caged for a little while - they always find a way out ... to be free. As souls come back and back again to walk their paths ... they soon dwell in paths of higher levels of consciousness. It is nearly impossible to capture or tame these souls ... they understand the freedom of the Soul:)