With time various topics, most connected to the 'ancient ways,' will be covered. Some of these might be controversial in nature - you're most welcome to contribute.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Burden of the Tracker ...

He moves around the shadows of mankind on a horse, a quiver filled with red-feathered arrows on his back.  He passes homes, markets, isolated fields where the women work and the hidden areas alongside rivers where the women bath.  Sometimes he stops where the little ones play, he gets of his horse and he watches little girls ... as they have not learned to hide the Wild Woman inside.

When he is not tracking the Wild Woman, he lives somewhere in between the shadows and light of Nature, somewhere between Solitude & Intimacy.  He doesn't have a home and he's born again and again to do one thing only ... to track the Wild Woman.  There's no other path for him ...

The Wild Woman is the natural woman ... the only woman ... the strongest energy that flows in and out of mankind.  She lives in all of us, even in men ... here only as a small entity.  She hides in all women and sometimes she shows herself in ways that only the 'understanding knowing' eye can detect ... the fall of a lock of hair in the softness behind the ear ... the way the neck is carried in the this world ... the fullness of a bottom lip, the movement of a hand, but ... always in the eyes ... behind the eyes ... in the depths of the soul.

In this world, there are not many in the form of a male 'energy' that can recognize a Wild Woman hidden in the depths of a woman.  There are not many that can bring her out in comfort.  It is not the Wild Woman who shows herself to the world .... no, it is not that easy.  It is the woman that hides the Wild Woman within that needs to open the door and let the Wild Woman out.  Can you see the burden of the Tracker ....... ?????  First he has to locate the Wild Woman, always visible only as a fraction, because this is the way of women ... to hide the Wild Woman, only to show glimpses of her.

Women hides the Wild Woman within, mainly because of the weakness of men, but also because of structural society.  Men and factions of society circle like hyenas, waiting for a glimpse of the Wild Woman, so that they can rip her to pieces.  Men and society created all sorts of Rules, Religions & Regulations (the three R's) to destroy the Wild Woman, that's why women hides the Wild Woman naturally and only shows little bits here and there ... they are waiting for one that can See ... they are waiting for the Tracker.

If one watches closely ... there is always 'something' behind the eyes of a woman, 'something' behind the movement of her hands, 'something' behind the way she carries her head.  The freedom of allowing the Wild Woman to BE, is not allowed ... but she's always there in the Shadows of Life.

Once he recognizes a Wild Woman within, he can do many things ... depending on the woman who hides the Wild Woman ....  Sometimes it's enough to look into the eyes and look right into the soul, right into the eyes of the Wild Woman within ... just saying softly within ... I SEE YOU.  Sometimes this is enough for the woman who hides the Wild Woman and she can let her out .... forever.  He can ride on and keep tracking ... keep searching ...

Sometimes it's not that easy ... he has to stay.  Sometimes he has to talk and talk into the stillness of the early morning ... his hand touching the softness ... his lips close to her ear.  Sometimes he can't talk, because words have no meaning ... sometimes he can only touch and look into the windows of the soul ... sometimes this is enough.

He can never stay ... Once the Wild Woman is set free he sometimes leaves in the darkness, in the stillness of the early morning .... never to be seen again.  He keeps on moving, he searches and he tracks ...

Sometimes in Nature, between the shadows of darkness and light, but always in the light of a small fire ... he sees the eyes of the Wild Woman in the light ...  The same Wild Woman lives in all women and in all men.  Women hides her from men and society - men despises her living within and without ....

He moves around in the shadows of mankind ... but, feels free in the shadows of Nature ... somewhere between Solitude & Intimacy ... the only world he knows.  He can't stop moving ... there is always a Wild Woman that needs to be free ....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Path of the Wild Woman.

Close to the blue water I sat ... suddenly she was there.  
This time ... her eyes so clear ... the depths of her soul.
She was smiling at me with an openness ... unknown today.

With the sun on my back and sweat on my upper lip ... I watched her.
Lips so full of unspoken words ... always smiling ... no need for words.
A slight turn of her head ... eyes now closed ... soft dark hair in the softness of her neck.

When she opened her eyes ... entering the depths of my soul ... through the windows of her soul.
The Path of the Wild Woman ... a path to the Darkness and Depths of the Soul.
A deep pull to the Unknown ... a world we all used to Know.