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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your Guiding Presence

Lately, I have been wondering about your presence
something that was always there ... so strong.

It kept me connected ... to myself and to life
... but sometimes I wanted more ...

The urge to touch ... to communicate ... to see
I learned that all of these make you disappear.

Only in Stillness can I feel your presence
a place without the needs created by man.

Touch ... communication ... seeing ... in Stillness
can't be described in words ... it's presence beyond the mind.

Loosing touch with the ever present Stillness
... loosing touch with ourselves.

Running like lost rabbits in darkness
searching for false company to occupy our minds.

Nothing worse in life than touch without heart
false communication ... seeing what is not there.

Stillness ... the horror movie for modern man
running away from the light like creatures of darkness.

Sitting quietly in Stillness ... in Silence
you touch my heart ... sing to my soul ... I see your eyes in the fire.

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