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Monday, April 9, 2012

Training: Body, Mind & Soul

In this life, I've been involved or rather exposed to various forms of physical exercise.  I'm sure the interest in some of them, might be genetic and others ... well, 'retained memories' from somewhere.

Our 'modern' lifestyle was supposed to make things easier for us, all the technology allowing us to have more time ... or so we thought.  Most modern 'busy' people find it hard to fit some sort of physical training schedule into their lifestyles, never mind time to 'train' the mind and soul.  Our lifestyle forces us indoors most of the time, we don't have to walk, stalk, run, hunt, forage of fight anymore - everything is at our finger tips.

At stages in my life I was a serious runner and swimmer.  I trained in various forms of martial arts, practiced meditation & yoga.  Archery was always part of my life, as well as some sort of physical conditioning training.  Horses came, then left me for a long time and is now part of my life again.  Time in the bush, either walking, hunting, fishing, tracking or trekking have been part of my life since I can remember.  The interest in all of the above is still rooted deep within me and I'm sure many other people have various interests in the 'training' of body, mind and soul.  The question is, "How do we as modern human beings fit any or all of these into our lives?"

At some stage in our evolution some or all of these activities were part of our lives - not something we did to keep ourselves fit or sane.  I think we all struggle to juggle the lot.

Over a period of time I have worked on ways to combine 'training methods' for body, mind and soul.  A couple of necessary ingredients are necessary to successfully include these methods into our lives - discipline, knowledge (wisdom) and silence (meditation).  It is ironic that we apply 'discipline' and knowledge into our lives at all levels except when it comes to our own health. The car is serviced on the dot, we have the knowledge to set up and use our daily electronic equipment, we keep up with our accounts and daily news ........... most of us neglect our health.  Often, we don't invest in the knowledge or skills looking after ourselves - we run to the 'experts' and we pay for short term quick fixes.  Investing in your health surely has long term benefits ... it is something we can do ourselves.

My aim is to combine everything that I love and also those that I don't into ONE, so that I get the most out of it on all levels.  I see horseback archery as a martial art, which means constant training, therefore discipline and also high levels of fitness & flexibility, conditioning and meditation practice.

I've been working in combining running, walking, riding and archery with my horses and dogs by my side.  I have set maintenance and conditioning 'programs' that combines flexibility, light weight training, fitness and basic martial arts routines.

With time I'll expand a bit more on these - just something that has been working for me and gives me great pleasure.  It is all about time, something that is very rare nowadays.

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