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Friday, April 6, 2012

'Philosophy' of Hunting: Quick Introduction

In the 'modern' world the sound/look of the word 'hunting' can cause a few eyebrows to lift, a stiff upper lip to appear here and there or downgrade the so-called hunter to cave age or hillbilly status.  I can understand all of this, because I 'downgrade' the modern hunter myself on a regular basis ... with a very stiff upper lip, of course.

The reason the concept of hunting doesn't fit that well anymore in our 'modern societies, is because most of us have lost our connection with our own ancient ways and traditions.  'Hunting' can mean ten thousand things today.

A 'hunter' today can easily be a very overweight and unfit lawyer with no connection to nature at all.  His only connection might be a regular two weeks every June on some game farm and a camo outfit.  He uses a very expensive rifle with a even more expensive scope that can spot a bacterium on a tick on the testicle of a warthog at 900 meters.  His idea of 'hunting' is to drive around in a flashy 4x4 with 'black eyes' spotting 'trophy' game for him - he shoots, flashy photos are taken.  If the animal can't be found, the black trackers do the tracking.  In most of these cases the 'modern hunter' does not even skin or dress the animal - in Africa it is mostly done by black labourers.  Believe me, I've seen these type of 'hunters' in action myself.

The true original hunter and the 'modern' hunter that bases his hunting on the more traditional or ancient ways have a few things in common:
  • They hunt for food only.
  • They have no interest in taking the best looking specimens out of the gene pool.
  • They only take what they need and waste nothing.
  • They don't live a life separate from nature - they are part of it.
  • They have botanical and zoological knowledge of flora and fauna.
  • They are skilled bushmen with an immense respect for nature.
  • They hunt in such a natural and difficult way, it gives the strongest of the prey animal the chance to 'out maneuver' the hunter, therefore a continuation of their genetic line is ensured - at the same time it also 'improves' the hunter's own genetic lines.
I'll expand a bit on the last 'statement' I made:

In nature you find the hunters and the hunted - the predators and the prey.  Both are magnificent specimens - all because of one single factor.  The prey animals 'purpose' in life is to genetically better themselves to 'outsmart' the predators.  If the predators themselves don't step up and improve their genes, they'll never be able to 'catch' and feed on the prey animals.  This continues flux between predator and prey ensures genetic 'improvement' on a daily basis.

This is exactly why black Africans dominate all the running sports in the world - they have been part of that 'genetic flux' until very recently and some of them still are.  That is exactly why the average 'flat white new age' bloke is either extremely overweight or so fragile - he lost the connection a long, long time ago.  He doesn't have to walk, stalk, run or fight anymore - he's biggest job is to look somewhat 'pretty' on the outside and 'fit' in somewhere.  He can now do all the running, hunting, fishing, killing and fighting from his 'lazy boy' in air conditioned comfort, while stuffing himself with fast foods and beer - just by pressing buttons on his game console or by watching the old square box.

In fact, he can even do better than that - he can nowadays be a 'Wildlife Warrior' or a Greenie - all while he fattens himself up with toxic fatty chicken, beef and fast foods.  He now has the full right and political power to 'shoot' any real hunters (and fighters) down.

The few real true hunters that are left have to 'fight' this ignorance, 'disconnection' with nature and totally lost society just to do something that made us what we are.  I mean, there is a reason why we started to walk upright - most people don't have a bloody clue why humans walk upright.  The human body is designed for endurance running, fighting and using tools.  Can someone please explain to me why there is a push from these modern societies to move away from nature, to grow fat and useless kids (and animals), to look down on people who choose to live and fight in accordance to the original laws of nature?

I can fully understand why society view 'modern hunting' as a negative 'activity' - someone has to explain that, that's only part of the full picture.  We have lost our knowledge, respect and connection with the true original ancient ways.  If one doesn't have standards, traditions or roots - then don't class or judge, because you're totally lost.  In future 'writings' I'll expand on the traditional concepts and 'philosophies' of hunting ....... the way I see and understand it, of course.

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