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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Moon and I

Tonight the moon is heavy of fullness,
romantically white with a light yellow veil.

I want to walk with my quiver of red-feathered arrows,
I want to walk in total darkness ... to the sacred rocks.

In stillness I want to make a small fire there,
the soft light dancing on the rocks, because I know ...

I know I'll see your eyes again,
dancing reflections on the granite.

I'll hear your whispers in the softness of the wind,
see your soft curves in the hard granite formations.

Only there ... man can BE,
leaving the I behind.

The urge so strong tonight,
to BE, without expectations or the I.

The energy of moon, rock, fire, wind and your eyes,
washes the I forever out of my soul and being.

The urge to be pure, one and whole,
so much stronger that the I.


  1. may you be drawn more and more
    to the heart of the eye...
    and leave behind
    the "I"
    as there is no unity of souls
    where the "I" prevails.

    Nothing at all...