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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Horses as Spiritual Teachers

In my previous post I 'wrote' about Stillness - the ever present ... our connection with our Inner Self.  If you look at a horse, it is completely surrounded by Stillness and if you enter the space of a horse ... you can feel this 'presence.'

Horses communicate in Stillness ... they pick up 'intention' ... the smallest gestures.  The path of any warrior, in body or spirit is connected to Stillness.  This is why the spirit of the warrior and the spirit of the horse can combine into a powerful force of 'understanding' and action.

It is this 'energy' of horses that not only attracts the 'inner warrior,' but also the needy personality - because this energy heals.  In the modern world horses attract strong human female energy - it is amazing to see how many women/girls are attracted to horses.  This is not because of neediness, but because of a life long suppression of the 'inner warrior' within women by fearful societies across the world. 

There is nothing like the 'energy' or Stillness of a horse, to help us remember.  Anyone can be in the presence of a horse in absolute Stillness and Understand, Feel and Communicate without words.  It is a way of Being in the exact present moment.

Therefore, there is nothing that compares with the combination of skills in one moment of Stillness - the moment just before the flight of the arrow ... out of the heart of the warrior ... connected to the heart of the horse.  Two hearts beating as one in full flight, finding Stillness in the one and only present moment.

This is more than just a skill, this is a combination of energies from all aspects of life. In this moment of 'perfection' that can't ever be completely perfect - there is no difference between the abilities of mare or a stallion, man or a woman.  It is a complete blend of male and female energies focused to near perfection.

The Path of getting There, is Spiritual Path - a path worth walking.

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