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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Horses as Spiritual Healers and Teachers

 "The Horse Boy" is a true story about an autistic boy who started to speak when he came into contact with the family horse.  His father decided to take him to Mongolia where spiritual healing and horses go hand in hand.
Horses have been carrying warriors and the spirits of warriors to 'new places' for as long as man can remember. Carrying the 'spiritual burden' of man comes naturally to the horse.  I struggle to understand people who treat horses like big human babies - they deserve better.

A mistake I made was to 'retreat' from horses when I felt negative or down - felt as if I had to 'protect' the horse from my 'negative' energy.  Horses naturally absorb this 'negative' energy and transform it into something positive - this can be felt when one takes the step and touch a horse.  Touching a horse is being in the presence of a 'soul' who is always present - who always lives in the Now.

The horse is only concerned with your intentions - the color of the blood in your heart - if it is 'dark' the horse will look after it's own interest.  Your emotions a horse can deal with.

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