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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Flow of Money

I love what I do - that is when I'm totally free to do what I do best.  If you do something from your heart, then how can it be called work?  I've met a few people who do what they love and love what they do - none of them check their watches for tea breaks or the famous 'end of the day' time.  They are also not concerned with weekends or holidays - if you do what you love, then everyday is a holiday.

The problem some of us have, is the flow of money - it normally flows away from us and not towards us.  The reason for this is fairly simple if one understands all the factors involved.  For some strange reason in our Flatwhite cultures, it is seen as 'evil' to charge for something you love doing.  I found the following (Conversations with God - Neale Walsch) - more or less in my line of thinking:

"You carry a thought around that money is bad.  You also carry a thought around that God is good. Therefore, in your thought system, God and money do not mix.

This makes things interesting, because this then makes it difficult for you to take money for any good thing.  I mean, if  a thing is judged very 'good' by you, you value it less in terms of money.  So the 'better' something is (i.e., the more worthwhile), the less money it's worth.

You're not alone in this.  Your whole society believes this.  So your teachers make a pittance and your stripteasers, a fortune.  Your leaders make so little compared to sports figures that they feel they have to steal to make up the difference.  Your priests and your rabbis live on bread and water while you throw coins at entertainers.

Think about it - everything on which you place a high intrinsic value, you insist must come cheaply.  The lonely research scientist seeking a cure for AIDS goes begging for money, while the woman who writes a book on a hundred new ways to have sex and creates tapes and weekend seminars to go with it ... makes a fortune.

This having-it-all-backwards is a propensity with you and it stems from wrong thought.  The wrong thought is your idea about money.  You love it and yet you say it is the root of all evil. You adore it and yet you call it 'filthy lucre.'  You say that a person is 'filthy rich.'  If a person does become wealthy doing 'good' things, you immediately become suspect, you make that 'wrong.'  You see, in your mind, a person who chooses the highest calling should get the lowest pay ...

Remember, thoughts are creative.  So if you think money is bad, yet think yourself good ... well, you can see the conflict.

Most people do what they hate for a living, so they don't mind taking money for it.  'Bad' for the 'bad,' so to speak.  But you love what you do with the days and time of your life.  You adore the activities with which you cram them.  For you, therefore, to receive large amounts of money for what you do would be, in your thought system, taking 'bad' for the 'good' and that is unacceptable for you.  You'd rather starve than take 'filthy lucre' for pure service ... as if somehow the service loses its purity if you take money for it.

So here we have this real ambivalence about money.  Part of you rejects it and part of you resents not having it.  Now, the universe doesn't know what to do about that, because the universe has received two different thoughts from you.  So you life with regard to money is going to go in fits and starts because you keep going in fits and starts about money.

You don't have a clear focus, you're not really sure what's true for you.  Now there's only one way to change all that.  You have to change your thought about it.

A dear friend described money as an 'energy' - for a 'service' to be successful, there must be an equal exchange of energy.  Everything works on an exchange of energy and our distorted view in regards to our own capabilities, sometimes interfere with this flow of energy.

I always found it hard to charge when it comes to horses, for example.  If you find a horse in nature and you 'heal' it or rather, 'arrange' the horse so that it can heal itself - you can't charge the horse.  The energy exchange was between you and the horse and it was pure energy that can't be changed into money, as it is a near spiritual experience (for me it is anyway).

If you treat a horse that belongs to someone else - most of the time, you're actually 'treating' the person or trying to convince the person to 'treat' the horse in a certain way - so that the horse can heal itself.  It is not an exchange of energy between you and the horse - it is more than that.  I've learned that if you don't hit the pocket right there and then, then nothing is taken seriously - there is a 'block' in the flow of 'energy' and in the end it is the horse that suffers.

I have finally been cured from this terrible affliction - the one where "You'd rather starve than take 'filthy lucre' for pure service ... as if somehow the service loses its purity if you take money for it."  I'll charge like a bull from now on and grow fat on the spoils.


  1. well done...! :-) You'll see how many horses will now be cured! And those in nature, in need to exchange "energy" with you will find their way to you more and more..while you will have more strength because you are receiving the rightfull..or posittive energy, from yourself deep within and also then in the form of money, as the balance is restored.

  2. Mau... thanks for this.. it explains so many things that I just had negative feelings about... thing you hear like.. gee, rich people dont work hard.. etc etc.. And ill take my cap of for you .. you are living on bread and water and sacrificing your precious time.. for kids/AIDS/the sake of Art.. whatever.. and i have to tell these people how much I respect and admire them.. to do this for nothing.. . One thing I know.. and has always known is that work is your own sweat and tears.. it doesnt define who you are.. As an Ex South African.. that was difficult as well.from where i come from . youre a farmer.. or a lawyer or a doctor or a labourer.. Instead it should be.. youre a lover of music, dance or a brother in nature, love wild animals.. It is how we spend our free time that defines us.. Oh.. but that's another cattle of fish again.. Sorry, of the point.. Yip, funny how we think that the less were paid.. the more "sacrifices we make" the better our job is.. more noble.. LOL..
    I feel so,so enlightened and just free.. from just seeing there is other people out there thet actually feels the same.. "I bow to you.. Thanks"