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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Afrikaner Boer and the African Bushmen.

It is a scientific fact that all humans today are genetically linked to the Bushmen from Southern Africa.  The Bushmen have changed very little and there are still small groups of them with a lifestyle very similar to the ancient life of the original man.  'The others' have changed dramatically - the further they traveled around the world, the more 'advanced' they became - or so it seems.

Something very unique happened in Southern Africa in the middle 1600's - something very different from the other so-called colonized continents.  I am talking about North America, New Zealand and Australia.  In these countries the colonizers were met by the natives on the beach.  It is well known that the only 'natives' the Dutch met on the beach (Cape Town) were Hottentots (Southern African Bushmen) - THERE WERE NO BLACKS.  The first blacks were only 'discovered' further north along the east coast of South Africa, nearly a full 100 years later - more or less the same time Captain Cook met the Aboriginals in Australia.

We can then safely assume that my ancestors were the first to return to their place of origin, namely the southern tip of Africa - we were there before the blacks.  We were the first to have joined our original ancestors - the first back in the 'ancient country.'  We went 'walkabout' with others and we were the first to return.

Another interesting situation developed - again very, very different from the other colonized continents.  We DID NOT diminished or destroyed the 'natives' of Southern Africa.  In all of these other continents you search hard to find a true native - they have nearly all gone - THEY ARE THE MINORITIES  in their own countries.  It is true that there are very few Bushmen left and it is true that my ancestors had an impact on their already limited numbers.  It is also well known that the true destruction of the African Bushmen everywhere in Africa was due to the blacks that slowly moved southwards in Africa.  They nearly wiped the Bushmen of the face of the earth - the Bushmen were forced into the desert and remote areas of southern Africa.

You can visit South Africa and Namibia today and find true and pure tribes with their traditions in tact - none of these mixed blood 'tribes' that 'survived the onslaughts in the 'other continents.'  In Southern Africa a Boer is a Boer - not half white and a Zulu is a Zulu, not a half Xhosa or half black.

Today there are around 40 million blacks in South Africa, around 4 million whites - very, very few African Bushmen.  The literacy levels and life expectancy is much higher than in these so called other continents.  That is if you compare apples with apples - quite a job if you take into account that most of the Afrikaners were illiterate themselves in the beginning of the 1900's.

Today the Afrikaner is on the genocide list - his final 'payment' for not following the trends set by his white counterparts in America, New Zealand and Australia - which was to destroy the numbers and cultures of the Natives.  The African Bushmen the original man - our true ancestors with the true ancient knowledge should've been on the genocide list centuries ago.  Their genocide, mostly by black governments all over Africa, still continues.  Our 'human brothers' all over the world sit and do nothing - instead their mighty Queen knighted Robert Mugabe, soon after he slaughtered 30 000 Matabele men, women and children with the help of the North Koreans.  They give honorary degrees and support to dictators all over the word.  They created characters like Osama Bin Laden and they point fingers at the previous governments of Rhodesia and Southern Africa, while they still bathe in the Soup of Success of their own 'prosperous histories' - so-called success on the broken backs of the dwindling destroyed original 'native' people.

It is a shame that both the original man (the African Bushmen) our real connection with the origin of humanity and the Afrikaner who re-discovered and joined him are threatened 'tribes' today - with very little representation in Southern Africa.

It is a long shot, but I can't help the following comparison.  The 'Ego' fears the 'Inner Self' - it can't function or survive in the light of the 'Inner Self.'  Today the 'egocentric West' fears the ancient man and his return to the ancient ways/place - they'd rather see it completely wiped off the face of the earth - totally destroyed.  All while they look the other way, now clinging to the few stalks they have left.  Today the West are weak and continues to weaken - struggling to look the rest of the world in the eye.  The 'connection' with the ancient ways and their ancestors are all gone - they float like white foam, lost in a dark ocean.

Both the Bushmen and the Afrikaner continues to fight for his place in the world - a place in Southern Africa where we truly belong- our place in the sun.

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