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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Training for Sustainability, Survival, Horseback Archery and the Unknown ...

The concept of preparing for 'everything' is not unknown ... in fact, it has been the 'normal' for 1.6 million years in human evolution.  It is the norm for EVERYTHING that breathes and grows 'out there' ... except for the modern human of course ...

Every single gene in your body is designed for preparedness ... every single step in 'modern' society is geared in removing you from who you are.  Yes ... I know it sounds a bit weird, but ... have a good look at political correctness .... go in sit in your local mall and look at your fellow 'men' ... they can't run anymore, they can't fight anymore, they can't hunt anymore ...

Imagine a cheetah ... one that can't run ... can't hunt ... needs a dentist, a Vet ... the poor thing needs vaccinations, medicine ... a diet designed by other cheetahs with degrees.  You get the picture????

Soooo ... who are you???  Are you a weak 'creature' on this Earth or are you designed by million years of evolution ... a runner ... a hunter ... a gatherer ... a musician ... a toolmaker ... a story teller ... a Creative Being.  C'mon ... you tell me .. who are you???  Something weak or something strong???

If you feel weak ... if you feel trapped ... how do you get out of it???  How do you train a caged cheetah born and bred in a zoo to run free again ... to hunt????  How do you return to the only wealth in the world ... freedom and time???  How do you have freedom without strength???  How do you have freedom without time???  I hope to explain all of this to you ...

It's simple ... it's very simple ... the concept of it all.  How you get there is a bit harder ... there is a bit involved.  You have to return to who you really are ... you have to let yourself run free.

Sooo ... who are you???  What do you 'need?'

You are a mover ... so you walk and you run ... that is who you are.
You evolved as a hunter and gatherer ... so you eat certain things ... things that help you to be alert ... things that help you to run ... to survive.  You don't 'grow' things that destroy your environment ... destroy your health.  You don't feed a cheetah grain and corn ...
You need strength ... in every muscle and bone of your body.
You need reflexes ... you need coordination.
You need to be able to fight to death ... never give up ... until death ... then you start all over again.
You need to be able to survive in impossible situations ... keep a clear mind ... control your fears.
You need to learn to walk when you can't walk anymore ... crawl if you can't walk anymore ... roll if you can't crawl anymore ... wiggle your toes if you can't roll anymore ... then laugh in the face of death, when it comes ... then you start all over again.
Love ... always love ... when that fails ... fight to the death ... fight for what is right.
Learn about the common purpose of Life on Earth ... you're part of it, you're not separated from it ... even if you live in a fancy glass house ... with a little pond and a gnome.  You are the cheetah ... you are part of it all.
Learn your Art ... learn to listen to your Inner Voice ... practice that 'thing' that push from within ... that 'thing' you can't get out of your head ... that 'thing' everyone else out there say you can't do.
Learn to be aware of everything around you ... the first sounds in the morning ... the tracks on your footpath ... the slightest change in weather ... the change in someone's eyes ... their energy.
Learn to trust your 'gut' 200%
Love ... Love everything ... if 'it' hurts you once ... love it more ... if 'it' hurts you twice ... love 'it' even more ... if  'it' hurts you again ... walk away forever ...

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Message from the Wild Woman ...

I don’t tell the murky world
to turn pure. I purify myself 
and check my reflection 
in the water of the valley brook.
~ Ryokan

In words ... the closest explanation of the Wild Woman's message to me.  She left me alone for a long time ... but, I can feel her close, so close ...

PTSD ... The Physiology of the Beast ...

PTSD has until very recently always been seen and treated as psychological 'disorder.'  Now we now the truth ... and the truth will set you free ...

I totally agree with the following:

"Memories of life-threatening events are not stored in the same parts of the brain as other memories or thoughts. They are stored in deeper areas within the brain called the “limbic system,” which controls survival reflexes and connects directly to areas involving all of the basic functions of the body necessary for survival, including adrenaline, breathing, heart rate, and muscle tone. Adrenaline and rage go hand in hand. They help you focus, make your muscles stronger, and help you fight. Anger helps to control fear.

The limbic system memories are not under your conscious control. Rational thinking occurs in the cerebral cortex, the part of our brain that is much more developed and larger in humans than in any other species. The limbic system, also known as the reptilian (reptile-like) part of our brain, is more primitive, more animal. It processes danger, threat, and reflexes, and expresses basic emotions necessary for survival (anger, hurt, fear). Limbic memories are not linear or logical. They are highly emotionally charged images, sounds, smells, thoughts, or perceptions that immediately connect with reflexes having to do with survival— the “fight-or-flight” reflexes. The limbic area of the brain is designed to make sure that you never forget any memories having to do with serious danger or disaster that affected you personally. These memories form the impetus that forces you to respond instantaneously when you encounter a similar situation at a future time."

~ Hoge, Charles (2010-02-23). Once a Warrior--Always a Warrior: Navigating the Transition from Combat to Home.

We also know that once your limbic system has been engaged/trained ... there's no return ... when the music starts to play ... you'll rock-and-roll.  Simple as that ... the hyena on your roof will always watch over you.

There are some things that make things worse ... things you can prevent.  If you don't take care of these things ... then the physiology of the beast turns into a psychological nightmare.  Unfortunately a place where many warriors find themselves in ... a situation I want to prevent, as we are a rare and beautiful species ...

I want you to think about the following ... really, really think about this ... are you ready:

In 2010, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimated that on any given night there were 76,000 homeless veterans sleeping on American streets. - See more at: http://www.dvnf.org/veteran-homelessness-facts/?gclid=CL2OgYenmccCFQRvvAodrQ8K9Q#sthash.d0KZcWG4.dpuf
 In 2010, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimated that on any given night there were 76 000 homeless veterans sleeping on American streets.
In Australia we're talking about 3000.
These people are highly trained and effective human beings with hearts in the right places ... trained to be warriors, to do what others won't ... then left to rot in the domesticated world ...
For every warrior with a highly trained limbic system ... left in limbo ... there are mothers, fathers, sister and brothers ... wives and children ... broken families.

These are warriors who can contribute to society ... a society that looks the other way.

You think about this ... doesn't matter who you are ... where you are in the world ... the colour of your skin ... your religion.  One thing I know ... a day comes when warriors from opposite sides shake hands and look each other in the eye ... all while the society they belong too, looks the other way ...

I've now touched on the psychology of the beast ...

In 2010, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimated that on any given night there were 76,000 homeless veterans sleeping on American streets. - See more at: http://www.dvnf.org/veteran-homelessness-facts/?gclid=CL2OgYenmccCFQRvvAodrQ8K9Q#sthash.d0KZcWG4.dpuf
In 2010, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimated that on any given night there were 76,000 homeless veterans sleeping on American streets. - See more at: http://www.dvnf.org/veteran-homelessness-facts/?gclid=CL2OgYenmccCFQRvvAodrQ8K9Q#sthash.d0KZcWG4.dpuf
In 2010, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimated that on any given night there were 76,000 homeless veterans sleeping on American streets. - See more at: http://www.dvnf.org/veteran-homelessness-facts/?gclid=CL2OgYenmccCFQRvvAodrQ8K9Q#sthash.d0KZcWG4.dpuf

Friday, August 7, 2015

PTSD ... and Horses ...

Although there is still a huge emphasis on the 'psychology' of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), we now know that it has a physiological origin ... and should be approached accordingly.

My take ... PTSD is much related to the conditioning of the limbic part of the brain.  The part of the brain that takes over in fight or flight situations ... the part of the brain that is conditioned during the training of soldiers, or people that 'live on the edge.'  This is also the very active part of the brain in horses ... incredible flight animals.

One of the reasons both horse and man fall into the PTSD trap has much to do with a lack of communication, trust and respect in the 'modern' world.  In a herd situation ... or soldiers operating in a close knit group ... communication, trust and respect is everything ... without it, there's nothing.  Once the limbic part of the brain has been conditioned, there's is no going back ... a  breakdown in communication, trust and respect creates confusion ... and fear ... the limbic system kicks in.  You take a horse out of a herd ... a soldier out of a unit and you chuck them amongst the pigeons in the domesticated world, where communication is mostly false, trust and respect things one write about or make monies about ... PTSD is then a word for 'normal' in a 'abnormal' situation.

There is a program in the USA where veterans with PTSD are 'treated' with horses with PTSD.  Because both once understood the true nature and importance of communication, trust and respect ... because both once walked the 'edge of life,' relying on the limbic reactions for survival - everything starts to fall into place.  A most wonderful thing ...

Doesn't matter what you do and what type of relationship you're involved in ... or if you live in your own company.  If there is the slightest breakdown in communication, trust or respect ... there is little hope.  Today in modern life we take these three important 'values' for granted ... our limbic systems are dead as the dodo.  The few warriors or horses ... wild in nature amongst us, are not understood.  What once was normal has become abnormal ...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) - The Life:

"PTSD is not an "emotional" or "psychological" disorder, but a physiological condition that affects the entire body, including cardiovascular functioning, hormone system balance, and immune functioning. PTSD can result in physical, cognitive, psychological, emotional, and behavioral reactions that all have a physiological basis." - Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior ~ Charles W. Hoge, MD.
Sometimes we hide things ... or we can't talk about it, because no-one understands. The sharpened body and mind, designed by very natural, but stressful and dangerous conditions are one of those 'things.'
Growing up in dangerous conditions, surrounded by dangerous animals ... and humans. The constant alert, the ever presence of weapons ... sleeping light, listening to the slightest changes in the sounds of Nature. Managing a dangerous job in the forces ... going to war - all these can sharpen the body and mind ... forever.
This 'alertness' and constant 'readiness' never leaves you ... ever. You now walk around with something the 'others' don't have and can't ever understand. They don't like the directness in your eyes or manner, the way you carry or express yourself ... because they've never been where you were, they have not seen what you've seen ... and they don't live with it.
I've always maintained, that it is a 'normal' condition ... now seen as a disease amongst the overly domesticated. I've always known that this is a physical condition ... not a psychological condition. Therefore, I ... like so many others refused treatment that will deaden your body and mind ... killing the sharpness slowly through chemical poisoning.
Many of us self-medicate, can't fit into domesticated life ... prefer the bush and Solitude. There is a way ... a way to continue the sharpness of body and mind. It is not easy, it is the Way of the Warrior. There are many, many of us ... apparently not wanted or needed in the modern domesticated life. Used to fix what others can't fix ... trained to do the impossible ... then left and treated like stray dogs.
The treatment of these warriors by society is a disgrace ... the loss of skills, knowledge and wisdom, a loss to society.
I seriously recommend the book: Once a Warrior - Always a Warrior ~ Charles W. Hoge, MD..

Sunday, May 24, 2015

About Hunting (2): The Heart of the Hunter ...

For nearly 2 million years, man was part of Nature, the ecosystem and the food chain.  Around 8 000 years ago, everything changed ... man made a 'jump' from hunter-gatherer to agriculturist.  The whole concept of hunting changed.

 I believe that modern man can still respect Nature and it is essential for modern man to be part of Nature.  I also believe that modern man can still hunt with the Heart of the Hunter from old ... because this is who you really are.  You still share the same genetic material with your hunter-gatherer ancestors ... no excuse.

I also believe that the rise of the anti-hunting movement has some merit ... because the modern hunter acts very differently from his hunter-gatherer ancestors.  We all have our genetic make-up, we all have retained memories ... somehow deep inside we know right from wrong.  People react when they see things that feel and look wrong ... they want to do something, they don't always know what and how.  I believe parts of the modern hunting culture and parts of the agricultural culture are so wrong ... it triggers something within some and they do want to change things.  I hope to bring some understanding ...

Within Nature there is a cycle of Life and Death ... you either consume something or you're consumed ... whether you are Fauna or Flora.  There is a reason for this ... the 'push' for genetic magnificence!!  If you don't make it ... you are the very substance that feed something else in this beautiful cycle.  So, how can I explain this?

We all watch 'Nature' programs ... hopefully?  The Cheetah is an amazing animal, so fast and beautiful ... so is the Springbok, it's prey.  We kind of see the Cheetah as the dominant creature and the Springbok as the weaker species.  In fact ... both drive the genetic excellence and strength of each other.  How?  The Cheetah has speed and agility ... the Springbok has 'spring,' agility and numbers.  The Cheetah must stalk in close and start the chase ... if he/she can't get close enough ... stuffed.  If the agility of the Springbok outsmarts the Cheetah ... stuffed.  When the Springbok gets more alert and more agile ... and faster, the Cheetah starts to suffer ... the weaker ones simply don't make it.  Then!!! There's that one Cheetah that's super fast and agile ... makes it ... that one reproduce and the Springbok starts to suffer.  Until!!  That one super Springbok comes to life ... breeds and suddenly you have super Springbok.  See?  The strength of one species pushes the genes of the other ... a continuous cycle ... pushing and pushing ... for excellence!

Once ... and not that long ago ... man was part of all this ... part of all this.  What have we done ... what have we done?

Man is not fast ... he is not that agile.  But?  He has an amazing design ... pushed by the genetic strength of Nature.  He is the strongest persistence runner on this planet, especially in the heat.  Right from the design of your feet, the structure of your buttocks, the amount of hair on your body and your lungs ... you, yes YOU ... were designed to run?

Not to sit in a 4x4 and blast the hell out of these amazing animals with a cannon and a scope that can see the man on the moon ...

I want you to really think about this?  Where is the respect ... and the honour?  Think about this!

A fat 'bow hunter' in a hide shooting arrows at animals forced to drink out of a singular 'waterhole' sometimes made out of concrete ... logs placed so that they have to stretch ... to open the heart ... for the 'perfect' arrow from the 'hunter?'  Corn and carrots thrown about ... yes, I've seen this personally.  Is this what you're about?  Is this who you are?  Which gene are you pushing ... the fat gene ... the stupid gene ... the weak gene or the ego gene?

I want you to think about this ... who you are ... where you're going ... the respect for you ancestors ... for your genetic make-up?  All while the brightest of you are looking for a place to live somewhere in space ... because slowly very slowly the stupid gene is destroying this beautiful place with all it's beautiful creatures ...

I want you to think about this ....

Friday, May 22, 2015

About Hunting (1) ...

An American 'hunter' made the news big, very recently, because he 'hunted' an endangered black rhinoceros in Namibia ... paid big money for it.  I watched a few interviews and scanned various newspapers.  All the money is suppose to go back to conservation and the meat fed a poor African village.  Soooo ... do I have a problem with this?

The answer is very short ... yes!!  Why??

I have a massive problem with the word 'hunter.'  Those who know me well, know that I do hunt and that I've hunted and tracked nearly everything in Southern Africa.  I also worked with black and white rhinoceros ... protection, relocation etc.

For those of you who don't know, a rhino has incredibly weak eyesight ... a fairly good sense of hearing and a very good sense of smell.  Many of the old hunters were photographed stalking sleeping rhinos, placing a hat on the horn.  They made use of the rhino's weak defence system.  Once a photo of me was taken, stabbing a standing black rhinoceros bull in the butt with the barrel of my rifle.  A stupid calculated risk, because he was standing right next to a sandstone formation ... after the stab I jumped the sandstone like a monkey ... the rhino took off in a hurry.

What I'm trying to say is simple.  There's no hunt in hunting a rhinoceros.  They are big, they leave large tracks and they are territorial.  I took small groups of tourists on 4-day walks, tracking both black and white rhinos ... it's the easiest thing to find them and bring people close enough with very bad cameras.  With a scope a 9 year old can down one from a very close distance or from afar  ... I'll never ever call it hunting.

Let's take it further.  If I enter an area and I must locate a rhinoceros myself.  I must find it's tracks, it's dung heaps, the places he sprays his urine.  I just track him, stay down wind and then stalk in close enough.  Can I call it hunting then?  I'll say no, because it is still a very easy thing to do.  The rhino has a very weak defence system, because for millions of years he never needed one.  He's strong with a thick skin and even with the larger predators, he mostly wins the fight.  The problem ... modern man.  Even with primitive man, it is not easy taking a rhino with a bow or spear ... you'll be dancing with death.  If you can, then I'll say you're a hunter!!!

If you are a modern man and you make use of African trackers and a so-called professional hunting guide ... to track and locate your rhino ... to point him out to you.  All you do then is to get this massive passive animal into your sights and pull the trigger.  Are you really a hunter??  I mean ... really ... do you get up in the morning and look in the mirror and say, 'Good morning big White Hunter?  If you look at that trophy on the wall ... what do you say, what do you think?

In the written articles about this, they talked about the rest of the herd ... this old bull was very aggressive and hurt/killed calves and cows ... not able to reproduce.  First, black rhinos are very solitary animals ... they are also browsers and prefer shrub-like environments.  The only real bonding is between mother and calf ... and yes, they're famous for extremely bad tempers.  Any rhino bull willing to put up a fight, can get his pecker up.

Do I have a problem with what has happened ... I mean with all the rest?  No, I don't ... if someone wants to pay that amount of money to shoot and kill a rhino ... go for it!! If that money goes back into conservation and the meat to a 'poor' African village ... all good.  Please, please ... don't insult me as a hunter ... or all the other hunters out there doing the right thing, and call this hunting.  Call this what it is ... call this bloke a shooter ... a bloke that located an animal with very poor defence systems with the help of others and shot it for a lot of money ... to feed a village ... just don't call it hunting.

In some of the articles ... he said it's not like shooting a cow.  I'm sorry mate, a cow has got better senses than that rhino and just like a cow ... that rhino was used to the presence of humans.  It's not hunting and it'll never be ...

I'll continue this ... explaining the true heart of hunting ... and also the false one ...